Permanent Cosmetics: Take Time Off Your Morning Routine

No more smudged eyeliner, or smeared lipstick. Alison Maltese, our certified derma-technician uses the latest techniques in applying permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, and lip color.

Ali Maltese is a Licensed Esthetician since 1990 and a graduate from Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics, Boston Mass.  She extended her training in 1997 at the American Institute of Permanent color Technology in California as a certified Derma Technician allowing her to expand into Permanent Makeup. Since then she has also been trained as a Medical Laser Skin Care Technician in 2006.  Along with over 20 years experience in wellness, Ali is also a certified yoga instructor and teaching since 2007.

Specialty: Enjoys working with people and Enhancing their lifestyle. Permanent Cosmetics is a simple procedure and can help make life easier for just about anyone especially if you have trouble applying your makeup, or if you are a training athlete and want your makeup to stay on during rigorous activities. It is an excellent choice for contact wearers and also endorsed by local Opthalmologists.

Treatment Philosophy:  Believes in a high standard of sanitation and excellent standards for client’s best result, including State of the art equipment, color choices, and minimal pain.  Having a well balanced life includes looking your best and making more time for the ones you love and what you love to do.

Permanent Cosmetics, otherwise known as Permanent Makeup, involves small micro insertions of colored pigment  placed into the desired area of the face with individually packaged sterilized needles.  During your first session the desired shape and color is chosen, and the area is saturated leaving a finished look.  A second treatment follows after 4 weeks to re-saturate and fine tune any areas. Although the word “Permanent” is used in advertising the pigment color generally will fade and absorb after 2-5 years depending on the shade of the color used. Lighter colors fade quicker than darker colors. Permanent Cosmetics is safe and used worldwide for a variety of needs.


Easy application.
Short down time.
Enhances your features.
Supports people with poor vision.
Great for people on the go.
Minimal discomfort.


  • sun damage, UV spots, brown spots, liver spots and other pigment problems
  • Rosacea, facial and chest redness or vessels
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, mouth lines and crows feet
  • Droopy tired looking eyes
  • Dark under eye bags and shadows

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