IPL Photofacials

Mechanism of action: Coagulates hemoglobin in superficial blood vessels, purges pigment, and may stimulate collagen production in superficial dermis.

Clears the complexion by improving facial redness and brown pigment spots.
Combined with Levulan to enhance treatment, may purge pre-cancerous skin cells.

May improve fine lines.


  • Redness, facial veins, brown spots, and fine lines
  • Rosacea
  • Most commonly used on face, neck, chest, and hands, but may be used on any part of the body

Photofacial is synonymous with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), and is the best treatment for brown sunspots, redness, and tiny blood vessels. IPL results in an improvement in the the clarity of the complexion, skin quality, and texture. Northwest Laser Skincare’s unique IPL technology treats in a number of different wavelengths, including longer wavelengths that penetrate the underlying dermis to stimulate collagen production and perhaps decrease fine lines. Ask us about our photodynamic Levulan enhanced photofacials.