Mechanism of action:
Upper lid: Removal of excess skin and fat.
Lower lid: Removal of fat pads.

More youthful, less tired appearance.
Indications for treatment:
Droopy, sagging upper lids, and upper nasal fat pads.
Bags below eyes.

Tired of those bags under your eyes, or those heavy upper lids? Dr. O’Rourke has been performing cosmetic upper and lower blepharoplasties since 1990. This is a simple, safe procedure to tighten the upper and/or lower lids, and remove those bulges that can develop with time above and below the eyes. This is done in an out-patient surgical facility with IV sedation. The procedure on each eyelid takes about 20 minutes. Downtime is primarily the first 2 post-operative days, during which time, one must ice the area. Bruising usually lasts 10-14 days, but may last as long as 3-4 weeks. Dr. O’Rourke uses a technique that cauterizes small vessels during the procedure to decrease post-operative bruising and reduce recovery time.

Call us for a complimentary blepharoplasty evaluation with Dr. O’Rourke to see if this procedure may be right for you.