The Essence of Dry Eyes

The 3rd blog in a series of 5 on Dry Eye Treatments

The PReye® Shot may be an option for patients who have significant Dry Eye symptoms after failing other treatments such as IPL , RF and  PReye® Drops  (PRP Platelet Rich Eye Drops). PRP injections have been used successfully in other specialties for years, including orthopedics, dermatology, and Aesthetics. PRP injection of the lacrimal gland for dry eyes has been performed in Europe with good results (1,2), but not in the United States until now to our knowledge. It has been suggested that if PRP eyedrops (PReye® Drops) help with meibomian gland regeneration, injection of the PRP into the meibomian glands would likely be even more effective than PRP eye drops(3).

The PRP injection procedure is simple with very little discomfort and done in the office setting. The PReye® Shot specifically is performed using a Cannula, which is a non-sharp instrument. Melinda C. O’Rourke, MD, board certified Ophthalmologist and surgeon, with over 25 years of experience performing surgical procedures in and around the eye, as well as years of experience with PRP, and cosmetic dermal injections using a cannula, performs the procedure.

The benefit of using a cannula over a needle for the injection is that the cannula is not sharp, so it reduces the amount of trauma to the tissue which is critical in the area around the eye, less pain, less bruising, and a safer technique. Dr. O’Rourke is uniquely qualified to use the cannula technique to inject around the eye with her extensive experience as an eye surgeon and cosmetic injector, and to our knowledge she is the only physician worldwide using this technique.

After preparation of the PRP, the peri-orbital area is prepped with a surgical grade cleanser, and a topical anesthetic is applied. After a single port is created with a small needle, the 100% pure PRP solution is injected along the lower and upper lid margin to the meibomian gland region and to the superficial upper outer orbital region to reach the area of the lacrimal gland, using a non-sharp cannula, for minimal discomfort or trauma to the tissue. Once the PRP has been prepared, the procedure takes approximately 10-15 minutes. It is recommended that the patient have 3 injections about 1 month apart, and then maintenance treatments as needed, at least one every 6-12 months, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. See video of procedure below.

Essence Laser & Wellness, under the supervision of Melinda C. O’Rourke, MD, is a referral center for advanced Dry Eye Therapy, and a Medical Aesthetics Practice, and is not a routine Ophthalmology practice. We ask that you provide a copy of a recent eye exam prior to treatment when seeking IPL for Dry Eye, and/or the PReye® shot. No exam is necessary for PReye® drops or PRP for Aesthetic purposes.

Ask us about our IPL/PReye® bundling packages.

Melinda C. ORourke, MD
Essence Laser & Wellness, PC
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