The Nefertiti Lift

Nefertiti Lift

Exilis Ultra 360 combined with Injectables For Neck, Jowls, & Jawline

The Exilis Ultra 360 is an all over solution for body skin tightening, the only technology device on the market that combines the tightening benefits of both Radio Frequency and Ultrasound.   This treatment is a no downtime, in office procedure used to tone and improve skin texture. 

The Ultrasound and Radio Frequency energy travels through the top layers of the skin and is absorbed as heat by the lower, more foundational layers. This prompts the body’s natural healing reaction, stimulating the flow of blood and allowing for the formation of collagen. When the tissue is heated (about 42-44 degrees Celsius) collagen undergoes structural changes and new collagen growth is encouraged. While Exilis can be performed on most body areas, we see wonderful results on the lower face and neck!

Named after the beautiful Queen of Egypt, known for her wisdom, beauty and exquisite jawline, the “Nefertiti” lift combines the Exilis Ultra 360 with Botox, and/or dermal filler, such as Juvederm, Vollure, or Voluma, to give definition to the jawline and tighten the neck.  

Dr. Melinda O’Rourke is a master injector, using all the Allergan injectable products as tools to create the perfect, natural look.  The Nefertiti lift is the perfect treatment if you would like to tighten sagging skin, tone the jowls and neck, and rejuvenate your overall appearance. 

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