5 Treatments for Wrinkles & Aging

1) Laser and Lights

-Improves tone and texture of skin

-Minimizes red and brown spots

-Reduces ruddiness and wrinkles

-Evens out brown splotches

-Makes threadlike veins vanish

-Gives skin a luminous glow

Frequency: 1-3 fractional treatments spaced one month apart,  after that one yearly maintenance treatment

IPL, 3-4 monthly sessions, then one or two touch-ups yearly

Click here for more info on CO2 Fractional  Laser Treatments

Click here for more info on IPL

2) Skin Tightening

-Defines slouchy jawlines

-Smooths horizontal neck lines

-Works by rebuilding collagen

Frequency: 2-4 treatments over 12 months, plus one touch-up every 12 months

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3) Chemical Peels

-Enhances Radiance

-Fades sunspots and lessens wrinkles

-Removes rough, dull, skin cells

Frequency: Monthly, budget permitting

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4) Dermal Filler (Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse, Belotero)

-Plump up wrinkles and hollowed cheeks

-Boosts cheekbones

-Define and restores lips

-Restores the fullness and soft curves lost over time

-Corrects undereye dark circles due to volume loss

Frequency: Once or twice a year depending on the type and where it is injected

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 5) Muscle Relaxing Toxin (Botox)

-Prevent and soften wrinkles on forehead, between the brows, and     around eyes and lips

-Relax bulging or jiggly neckbands

Frequency: Every 3-6 months

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