How Does Radio Frequency “Kill” Fat Cells?

Radio Frequency (RF) produces an electric current that generates heat in subcutaneous adipose (fat) tissue only.

These RF waves have no effect on the skin. RF causes electron movement, resulting in movement of atoms and molecules in the adipose tissue. This generates friction, which is transformed into heat.

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Robert Weiss, associate professor of dermatology at Johns Hopkins Hospital, explained in a Harper’s Bazaar 2013 article: “As the [Vanquish] panels heat up, the radio frequency waves they transmit differentiate between fat cells (which are denser and hold less water) and skin and muscle cells. The tissue temperature rises to 112-113°F, at which point apoptosis, the natural death of fat cells occurs. Some die instantly, some in a matter of weeks.”

Because the fat cells are ruptured and the dead cells and fat are removed from your body through the lymphatic system, researchers believe the fat loss can be long-lasting. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet and avoiding weight gain, new fat cells will not grow back. Take a look below at actual Essence Laser & Wellness patients treated with VANQUISH.

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