Its time to ramp up your skincare goals!

Its time to ramp up your skincare goals!

As the Summer months wind down and the heat subsides, it’s time to start thinking about treating your skin to a laser or light-based treatment to correct Summer damage. When your skin is protected by extra layers of clothing and the sun is not so strong, the fall and winter months are the perfect time to achieve your skincare goals!

At Essence, we find that IPL (Intense pulse light) therapy and CO2 Fractional Laser  are fantastic treatments to help reverse current skin damage and address general aging concerns. 

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is great for treating broken capillaries, rosacea/flushing, brown spots, uneven skin tone, PIH (dark marks) from acne scars, as well as stimulate collagen production. We can use this devise on the face, neck, chest, arms, hands and anywhere necessary to help even your skin tone.  Treatments are performed every 3-4 weeks and we suggest at least 2-4 treatments to reach best results. Though there is little downtime, proper sun protection is crucial when starting your IPL series. Excess sun exposure can lead to unwanted darkening of spots, complications, and can possibly worsen the issues you are trying to address. When your sun time has lessened, and your color (tan) has faded, the IPL is an ideal treatment for a more even flawless complexion! 

CO2 Fractional Laser (DEKA DOT) is an extremely effective and versatile procedure that can be tailored to fit your individual skin care needs. It is used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, acne scars, discoloration, sunspots, textural irregularities, and stretch marks. The treatment is most common for the face, neck, chest and hands, however, can preformed anywhere that skin damage exists. Downtime can range from 3-7 days depending on the depth of treatment desired. While the CO2 factional laser is not as color sensitive and can safely treat darker skin types, it is still very important to minimize sun exposure post treatment. Essence now offers PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) topically, post laser  to help enhance results and minimize healing time. PRP is a miracle substance that contains high concentrations of your OWN growth factors! We are safely able to isolate the PRP (liquid) from your blood and apply to your skin immediately after any CO2 laser procedure for less downtime and a much more youthful effect. 

To help you achieve your goals, Essence is now offering 20% off IPL and CO2 laser packages through the end of October.  

If you are interested in knowing if IPL or CO2 laser is right for your skin, please call us to schedule a complimentary consult. We are serious about helping you achieve your skincare goals!

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