Cryotherapy (Liquid Nitrogen) Treatments

Cryotherapy (Liquid Nitrogen) Treatments

Do you have pesky skin lesions such as, small skin tags, flat actinic keratosis, small warts, or seborrheic keratosis? We can help.

Here at Essence we are now offering liquid nitrogen cryotherapy to freeze small benign skin lesions on the face and/or body. 

What the treatment entails: Liquid nitrogen is applied to the appropriate skin lesion with a Q-tip to cause a localized freezing effect, that kills the unwanted cells, disrupts blood supply and causes the lesion to die and fall away. 

The treatment is typically quick, however a few visits maybe needed to successfully allow for the lesion/s to be removed. 

Side effects may include: Blistering, color changes in the skin (especially darker skin tones), localized discomfort and, rarely, mild scarring. 

We encourage all clients to visit a Dermatologist annually to ensure lesions are not cancerous and can be treated safely. 

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