The B’s and C’s of Crow’s Feet

  • Botox and Co2 Laser Therapy botox-1

Turning back the clock is easier than you think. With our DOT CO2 laser we are able to treat this sensitive area in as few as 3 treatments with optimal results. DOT therapy uses our bodies natural healing process to stimulate our own collagen resulting in a smoother more youthful appearance.

DOT CO2 combined with Botox cosmetic can drastically improve the appearance of crow’s feet aka “smile lines” or “laugh lines. As we mentioned before, the skin around the eye area is constantly moving and over time these movements increase wrinkles. We know smiling is good and the more the better but your eyes don’t have to pay the price. Botox injections by an experienced provider can reduce the muscle movement in the eye area in return reducing the impact that beautiful smile has on your crow’s feet. Now that you have turned back the clock it’s time to prevent it from moving forward with the A’s! We can’t stress enough how important the A’s are.Click here for a refresher on the A’s of crow’s feet.

Preventing prolonged squinting can also keep the clock from moving forward. Squinting can increase the depth and speed in which you develop pronounced wrinkles. Because of this it’s very important to wear sunglasses when spending time outside or in the car. Because squinting while reading or at the computer can be just as harmful be sure to visit your ophthalmologist and get updated eyeglass and sunglass prescriptions. In addition to wearing your sunscreen, moisturizing and wearing glasses and sunglasses, be very gentle when touching the thin skin around your eyes. This includes removing makeup, applying eye liner and applying creams. A gentle touch will help keep the area wrinkle-free!

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