Vaccinated… AT LAST!

Vaccinated… AT LAST!

In the heavenly voice of Etta James, At Last!  

We are pleased to announce that our doctors and staff are now vaccinated against COVID-19 to provide for the safety of our patients and clients at Northwest Eye Center, PC, and Essence Laser & Wellness, PC.  

We are humbled and grateful that the State of Colorado has recognized that our Doctors and Staff provide much needed eye care to our patients, many of which are diabetics and/or elderly, in an environment that requires close proximity to the patient, and a high risk for COVID transmission.  The NW Eye Center and Essence staff work together to create a safe environment for these patients, and through the newly acquired Vaccine, we are now able to take that safety to a higher level.  

During the past 10 months, we have gone above and beyond to keep our patients safe. As we move forward, we will continue to take all the safety measures that we have in place allowing our clinics to be safe for you.  These measures include:

  • Periodic Virus Vaporizing treatment of all clinic spaces
  • Additional space and equipment installed to allow for social distancing
  • Extended hours and working through lunch to spread out appointment times
  • Single use Surgical scrubs or lab coats protocol for all staff to decrease contamination
  • N-95 masks worn by all Doctors and Staff to decrease virus transmission
  • Surgical grade cleaning of equipment and exam rooms between every patient
  • Optical:  Gloves provided for trying glasses, and frames sterilized between uses
  • If treatment requires mask removal, UV-C Air Sanitizers replace air every 15 minutes
  • Pre-screening and properly fitted masks required prior to entry
  • Doctors and Staff vaccinated against Covid-19

If you have been delaying care due to the COVID-19 crisis, we understand.  We hope that the precautions we have taken will help to alleviate your concerns. 

Thank you all for your patience as we cautiously proceed in providing the best in quality of care and safety for all.  

Indeed, At Last…..We will get through this.  

Melinda C. ORourke, MD

Northwest Eye Center, PC

Essence Laser & Wellness, PC

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