As they say, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

Such is the case with some advertising for Coolsculpting.  

Allergan, the maker of the Coolsculpting device, dictates the lower end of pricing per cycle that must be followed by all Coolsculpting practices, or there are consequences that could put them out of business.  

How then, can some businesses advertise “$1000 OFF!!”

To offer deep discounts, and stay compliant with Allergan, they must raise the base price from which they discount the price, to keep their bottom line price per cycle within Allergan’s guidelines.

Pretty sneaky, huh?  That’s what we thought.  

Advertisements can be very misleading.  Even with deep discounts, the bottom line cost may be higher, when the discount is based on an inflated single treatment cycle price. At Essence, we don’t inflate our base pricing, our discounts are based on the already discounted package pricing suggested by Allergan.

There are many wonderful practices offering Coolsculpting, in a reputable, ethical manner.  It is a great procedure with amazing results, and we, at Essence, are thrilled to be a part of it.  

Best advice, as with everything in life, go with who you trust.  Get a consult, find out what you will need to achieve your goals, and get a bottom line quote.  

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