Double Up, Combining KYBELLA with EXILIS skin tightening


For optimal results we recommend combining KYBELLA with our Exilis, radio frequency skin tightening device, to contour the jawline and tighten the neck area. KYBELLA first works by destroying fat cells under the chin (submental) area. It may take 2-4 treatments spaced 8 weeks apart for full results.

Once that fat has been eliminated by the body, patients will still have skin that has become loose over time that they may want tightened and toned for a more youthful look. That is where our EXILIS skin tightening treatment will be most effective. It can take up to 4 EXILIS treatments to reach the desired outcome, with future maintenance treatments recommended for optimal results.

For the ultimate treatment, we recommend alternating the EXILIS with our Co2 laser. Co2 fractional laser will also help with tightening the neck and jaw by stimulating collagen production, it will also improve the texture, appearance of lines, pigment, and overall skin quality. It is also important to remember that depending on the amount of laxity that a person has, our treatments may not be able to give the desired result in which case a more invasive procedure, such as a neck lift may be more appropriate.

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