Give Your Mouth Something to Smile About!

The ‘perioral’ area of the face is the area immediately surrounding your mouth, and includes lips, area under the nose, nasolabial folds (“smile lines” or “laugh lines”), and the corners of the mouth.  It is an area of great importance in obtaining that youthful appearance, and overall beauty. 

Sun exposure, smoking, weight loss/gain and aging in general, contribute to the breakdown of collagen around the mouth, and volume loss, creating lines and wrinkles.

Combination therapy will always give the best results in achieving that desired youthful appearance around the mouth:

  1. Botox relaxes the muscles that cause fine lines
  2. Dermal filler replenishes volume loss.
  3. CO2 laser improves skin texture and quality.  

You may have heard of the “lip flip,” which is a small amount of Botox placed just above the upper lip to rejuvenate the mouth, relax the underlying muscles to smooth vertical lines, and create a subtle “lift” to the upper lip to produce the perfect pout.

Lips tend to thin with time, and dermal fillers, like those in the Juvéderm family is a wonderful way to add just the right amount of volume. Creating a natural look is important and “overfilling” the lips is not always the best choice.  In the hands of a skilled injector like Dr. O’Rourke, you will not necessarily notice that your lips are much larger, but more symmetrical, hydrated, natural, and youthful.  Dermal fillers also work wonders on those annoying smile lines, and marionette creases. 

Giving your lips the perfect amount of volume with a subtle pout is a pretty combination, but don’t overlook the fine lines that often creep up around the mouth. The treatment modality we prefer to address these concerns is the CO2 DEKA DOT fractional laser. Treating the peri-oral area in a series of three sessions, will safely injure the tissue, to create a healing response producing collagen and elastin. These CO2 laser treatments will dramatically improve skin tone and texture and add a tightening effect around the mouth. 

A multifaceted treatment plan combining Botox with fillers and CO2 laser resurfacing can be a great way to freshen up your face, and a consultation is a great place to start!

Call to schedule a complimentary consultation and let us give you something to smile about! 

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