The 411 on the Juvederm Dermal Filler Family

The 411 on the Juvederm Dermal Filler Family

It can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right dermal fillers to help naturally provide a more rested youthful appearance. 

Here at Essence, we partner with the reputable company, Allergan, providing a variety of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to help add the perfect amount of volume and smooth any fine line or wrinkle. 

Dr. Melinda O’Rourke, Master Injector, chooses to treat her patients with fillers belonging to the Juvederm “family.”  All the fillers used at Essence are comprised of a clear hyaluronic acid gel, a naturally occurring volumizer in the skin.  So, we are simply replenishing the skin with what it has lost over time.   The difference in the various HA’s lies in their ultrastucture, allowing some to lift, or to fill, or to simply etch out a fine line.  


The tried and true filler that has been available for years, Is the perfect filler for the lips, and lines above and around the mouth, and chin. It is FDA approved to last up to 12 months.


Very similar to Juvederm, though it is FDA approved to last up to 2 years.


Volbella is specifically made to etch in the fine lines in areas that filling and lifting is not wanted.  It is an excellent filler for the lines above the lips in patients who don’t want more volume in the lips.  It also works well for the tear troughs (depressions below the eyes), and in some cases the fine lines in the frown and crows feet, when botox isn’t enough. FDA approved to last up to 12 months.


The perfect filler to lift the cheeks and accentuate the contour of the upper face.  A very pretty, subtle, and natural effect to freshen up the upper face, and correct the age-related volume loss. FDA approved to last up to two years. 

Dr. O’Rourke provides complimentary consultations, and we are currently offering $50 off all dermal fillers.  Call to book an appointment today!


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