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PReye® Drops: PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Eye Drops for Dry Eyes….an Essence exclusive!

PReye® Drops is a revolutionary new treatment for Dry Eyes, developed by Melinda C O’Rourke, MD, board certified Ophthalmologist, exclusively at Essence Laser & Wellness, PC. PReye® Drops are made from one’s own PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma. Essence is the only practice in Colorado to our knowledge offering PRP Eye Drops, and one of the few in the United States. It is a well recognized treatment in Europe and Canada, and has been endorsed by leading Cornea Specialists worldwide. Dr O’Rourke has taken PRP Eye Drops a step further and added an infusion of other components beneficial to eye health, including antioxidants and vitamins, to create PReye® Drops.

What is PRP?

The components of blood include red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Platelets, because of their abundance in growth factors, are naturally recruited to the site of any injury in the body to stimulate tissue repair and rejuvenation. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) begins with a simple blood draw that is processed to remove the red and white blood cells and preserve the platelets in high concentration in the plasma. PRP is a proven therapy in a variety of specialties to enhance healing, including orthopedics, dermatology, and surgery. In dry eye, PRP helps to improve new cell growth, and the healing of corneal and conjunctival cells.

How do PRP Eye Drops differ from Serum tears?

Serum tears are also created by centrifuging the blood, but the process removes not only the red and white blood cells, but it also removes the platelets. The remaining plasma contains some proteins which help somewhat in tissue healing but contain virtually no platelets so is very low in growth factor concentration, and much less effective in the healing of the corneal and conjunctival cells in dry eye, compared to PRP eye drops.

How do PReye® Drops differ from PRP Eye Drops?

Dr O’Rourke, an Ophthalmologist with extensive experience in Dry Eye therapy, has taken PRP Eye Drops a step further and infused the solution with a proprietary recipe of other components that are beneficial to the eyes to create PReye® Drops, to enhance eye health, decrease inflammation, and promote healing.

How do I obtain PReye® Drops?

Be sure you are well hydrated to prepare for your blood draw. The cost of the eye drops are $400 and should last 6 months depending on the frequency of use and severity of your dry eyes. Your PReye® Drops will be ready for pick up within an hour of your blood draw. Call or email now for more information and to make an appointment to see if PReye® Drops can help with your Dry Eyes!

Melinda C. ORourke, MD


Essence Laser & Wellness, PC


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